Welcome to Yogascotia...

I am an Ayrshire based yoga teacher with well over 12 years experience in practising yoga. I successfully qualified as a yoga instructor in 2009 at Union Yoga (Edinburgh) and since then have been teaching classes mainly in the Ayrshire area. My teaching is down to earth, friendly and promotes a calm and safe environment. 

Classes are based primarily on hatha yoga but are combined with elements of ashtanga and vinyasa flow.  My aim is to make yoga affordable and accessible to all.


What is YOGA?
In the very simplest of terms, yoga cultivates the physical and mental well being through combined breath and postures.

Benefits of a regular yoga practice can improve:-

                • the immune system
                • digestion 
                • flexibility 
                • strength 
                • balance and posture 
                • breathing  
                • circulation                 
                • concentration
                • confidence  

...and the list goes on!

Yoga techniques still the mind and bring you into the present moment, helping to relieve tension and stress and allowing us to be better equipped to cope with the demands of our everyday lives.  For individuals who already have a regular training programme, yoga can be easily incorporated as a form of cross training in order to improve flexibility and condition in such a way that their bodies will be less prone to injury.  Even those who are plagued by old injuries can really benefit from yoga through lengthening and strengthening the tendons and muscles surrounding the problem area.  

For those who have no experience of yoga, it can sometimes be difficult to take that first step.  Whether you are completely new to it all or have a limited or regular practice, my classes are designed to let each individual enjoy their own personal practice by modifying asanas (postures) where necessary as well as allowing students to challenge themselves if desired, all in a safe and controlled environment.  

If my class times don't suit, I can also arrange to come to your home at a time that is convenient to you, for one to one tuition.  In this way you can become familiar with the yoga basics before joining a class, or you may wish to have a practice tailored to meet your needs.  Another option would be small group classes within your home, where you and your friends can get together in familiar surroundings.  

So whether you are looking to just chill out and relax or improve your fitness and tone your body, there are options available to suit everyone.  Please come along to a class or enquire about one-to-one sessions, and see the difference for yourself!


Samantha Briggs, Yoga Instructor





email: sam@yogascotia.co.uk