As our yoga journey follows different paths, I aim to accommodate varied levels of practice by offering alternatives for most of the poses (asanas).  This allows individuals to choose a pose that suits their body as well as how they feel at that particular moment of the day, thus providing the best challenge for them.  
Here's the class information for the weeks' ahead:-
**Please note that classes are not running at present however one-to-one sessions and workshops are still available.**  
Updates are also posted on Yogascotia Facebook page which has regular updates, with hints and tips on yoga and wellbeing.  Please take a look and 'like' my page to receive the latest updates on your newsfeed. 

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Gentle Yoga Class - mixed abilities - private class.

The McCosh Hall, Patna Road, Kirkmichael
Wednesdays 7.30 - 9.00pm  

Vinyasa Flow class - this is a general, mixed ability yoga class, drop in basis, admission £6.00. The emphasis is on 'mixed ability'.  There are both experienced yogis and beginners in this class, which is based on 'vinyasa flow' style of yoga.  This includes sun salutations, a rythmic, flowing practice and variations offered to suit differing levels of ability.   Also great for cross training purposes. Beginners welcome.

Workshops may suit a group who are looking for a yoga taster session, or specific yoga for runners, cyclists, walkers, etc.  Please email me if you are interested and I can discuss further.
60 minute session - £30                            Workshops £50 for 2 hours
90 minute session - £35