**Latest News**

Apologies for the lack of classes at the moment!  Although I am currently taking a little more time to myself, one to one sessions and workshops are still continuing.  Thanks for your continued support x


If you are a newcomer to yoga, all you need to bring along is a blanket (for relaxation at the end of the class -this usually lasts for around 15 minutes and it is important to be as comfortable as possible for this time).   

Make sure your clothing is comfortable and can stretch.  Avoid anything too baggy, like a loose t-shirt.  These can ride up when you are in various inversion postures, such as downward facing dog.

Yoga is usually practised with bare feet on a yoga specific mat.  This type of mat, sometimes called a "sticky mat," will prevent your hands and feet from slipping.  Don't worry if you don't have a mat to begin with...I have a supply of spare mats available to borrow, although I would recommend obtaining your own if you practice regularly.  There are plenty available online and I will happily advise you on where to get the best deal.

For those who have attended yoga classes before, you can bring along any props that you would normally use, eye pillows for relaxation, yoga blocks, bricks, etc.  

Let me know if you are pregnant or you have an injury.  This allows me explain what should be avoided or offer alternatives.  It is important to listen to your body and be happy with your capabilities and level of progress, even though it might not be as quick as you would like!

Finally, remember that flexibility is a result and not a requirement!

Looking forward to meeting you!